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Castor industry which has several types

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Let us all kinds of casters have dazzling, surging style as well as many industrial caster and the pursuit of art, the color of the castor is emerge in endlessly, a castor is as high as more than ten kinds of color, although much more choice but also increases the difficulty of the choice of customers. Whatever castor color change, but its type is always cannot change, we now commonly used by the caster is divided into four types, it includes all kinds of casters, and so industrial castor is also this four types to production, let me know the four types together. One, U castor 1, the type with H/W type wheel. This type of castor may conform to the C type caster wheel. 2, is applied to the built-in braking system of swivel chair. 2, 1 C type caster, the type with H/W type wheel. This kind of castor can also meet U castor. 2, this type is antistatic or conductive castor. Third, H castor castor ordinary defined as hard tread H castor. The color should be the same color on the surface of the caster. This type of casters suitable for the floor. Four, 1 W caster, suitable for hard stone floor, wood floor or tile floor, or for those who have a textile material covered the floor. 2, elastic tyred castor is defined as a soft tread W castor. The tread and the wheel center should be obviously different color. Let us for the development of industrial castor castor industry has generally increased quickly, when we are in the development of innovation, even at the same time to do their own product quality, so it is a product updates faster, how the progress of society, pays special attention to the quality of the products is to seize the core of the development of industrial casters, to sustainable development in the industry. Still have a lot of knowledge about the caster wheel, through continuous summary of you will have new different understanding, for the development of industrial casters will have different understanding.
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