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Castor industry will not to advance is to go back in 2016

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
With the approach of the end of a New Year also gradually into the our field of vision, though on a calendar is turned from 2015 to 2016, but this is not just the passage of time, this will herald a new, unknown challenge. As' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, castor industry will also to the transformation of development and challenges in the future, to face a more severe market economic situation. How to respond to the market situation of 2016 will be our right now to start thinking about things, the following general tells the story of 2016 which aspects we will face the pressure. Castor industry status quo: with castor industry gradually saturated in recent years, many companies pursue profits but ignore the quality of the product itself, innovation is the impulsion of development now, castor industry seems to be a backwater, difficult to rise a little. Brand products can get more consumers, brand influence large area can attract more outlets, suppliers, investors and all kinds of talents. In different extent promoted the prosperity of the upstream and downstream industry, the overall development of the castor industry is very favorable. Promote the industrial park in the direction of industrial cluster evolution, the prototype of the high-tech industry cluster preliminary revealed, which will be conducive to promoting the structure of industrial cluster upgrading, improve the overall structure of industrial cluster. Castor industry product line planning: grow castor brand should take high-end slightly higher, low-end lower strategy, high-end slightly higher is beneficial to improve their image, low-end slightly lower price sniper is available. The new brand to enter the market, to develop provide broad coverage of castor product line, after market sales feedback, again according to the characteristics of competition and market to design, proper compression product line, do they have a comparative advantage. Attempt to create a development: rising as the consciousness and ability of enterprise development, the industry generally accepted the super team. Unity, however, need to enterprise with one of the team cooperation ability, this is still a lack of specification, how to strengthen the management, to standardize the future means of alliance, is worth looking forward to. Green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction: 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' influence, and deteriorating in recent years in the fog haze weather, the future castor industry will pay more attention to the production, the life consciousness of environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction to a direction to strengthen the Chinese castor enterprise green concept, low energy consumption, accelerate product upgrading, right low-carbon economy, the benign development of the castor industry in our country has played a leading role. Castor: electronic commerce with the continuous development of Internet, e-commerce in China, some castor industry will also use this form to monitor the market; Although the Internet make people more choice, but the demand for good products is the same, the only change is for the good product they choose more picky, greater demand for services, to the functional requirement of the product is higher, emotional appeal more directly. So in this era with product marketing miracle, how to use on the Internet to find innovation is key. Innovation is a problem which both for industry, through constant innovation and transformation to adapt to different market economic situation. Hardware castor industry of our country through the development of these years there have been a bottleneck, how to break the deadlock will be a new starting point, this for many castor enterprises will face a new shuffle, and it is also an opportunity. Castor industry believes that 2016 will be colorful, if you want to win, will have to grasp market trends, first to be response in economic conditions.
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