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Castor is finding wider and wider application - all over the world

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer inflatable universal brake casters used are not limited to a certain situation, it has helped to reduce the financial burden of physical a wheel. It is very widely used the temperature of the supermarket is relatively appropriate, so choosing inflatable universal brake casters, the requirement of temperature is relatively small. But different places, also should choose to suit different temperature inflatable universal brake caster wheel material, because of the cold and high temperature occasion had a great influence on inflatable universal brake casters. Supermarket shopping cart wheels the bigger the energy. Main is convenient in the process of shopping convenience to adjust the direction at any time. Universal inflatable universal brake casters in the process of load, will bear the reverse force of gravity and the ground of the goods, encounter obstacles such as impact force when walking. Because universal inflatable universal brake caster exist eccentricity, gimbal track before and after the two parts will bear force from the opposite direction; Of scaffold material hardness of the steel ball hardness is low, so in the case of heavy load and turn to high frequency use, tallied after stent on track rail frontier by steel ball wear. With the development of the industrial revolution in modern Chinese history. More and more equipment need to move, inflatable universal brake caster is applied more and more widely in the whole world, all walks of life almost inseparable from the inflatable universal brake casters. So the structure of the castor features and how? Factors affecting driving inflatable universal brake caster flexibility with stents of the structure and the selection of steel, the size of the wheel, wheel type, bearing, etc. , the wheel driving the greater flexibility, the better, hard smooth ground, narrow wheel than flat soft wheels and effort, but on the uneven ground soft wheels and effort, but on the uneven ground soft wheels can better protect device and shock! Caster wheel bearing ability, also known as dynamic load in caster wheel dynamic load is different due to the test in a different way of the factory, also for inflatable universal brake caster wheel material different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality can impact and shock resistance.
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