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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Industrial casters - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers PU castor production began to increase, the PU castor market began to decline. Now capacity is higher, but also special plan row nervous, castor industry in China is not very good, very big loss, factory production has been in a nervous, not only market decline in steel prices, however, production out of stock. Purchasing department to purchase castor logistics, such as rose, strong technical strength and so on purchase castor steel plate. Blanking started stamping caster wheel steel. The plating electroplating back started assembly. Packaging. Casters are produced in this way. What is the belt brake casters? When caster wheel is in a state of rest, need to work to locate the object, and install auxiliary lock parts for castor, is the brake casters. Equipped with brake casters, namely belt brake casters. PU castor brake role trundle brake role, refers to when the caster is in a state of static object of the need to work orientation, installation of accessories for locking casters ( The caster wheel brakes) 。 It is worth noting that the trundle brake general effect on slope without work environment, special requirements trundle brake design, please consult factory. Belt brake caster and the classification of the different work environment requirements, the trundle brake design is also different. Ming on the way factory according to customer requirements, design, development and batch production of about 300 kinds of belt brake casters, including directional braking casters, wanxiang side brake casters, wanxiang with double brake ( At the same time to lock stents and wheels) , direction of rotation braking casters ( Universal orientation device) Etc.
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