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'Castor king' Patrick fung: only do industry is the largest

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
Market opportunity is always present at any time, the key is to locate the accurate, concentrate to do one thing at a time, and monopoly market. Patrick fung are experiencing a different anxiety. When China's manufacturing industry because of the global economic crisis into a disconsolate, his castor factory at the end of 2008 and a 20% increase in the foreign trade order, the factory has been working overtime running at full capacity. There are some things in life is indispensable, but its value is always neglected. Think about your office chair, the supermarket in the shopping cart, the TV ark of your family? 吗? These are supported by what? - — Is castor. According to statistics, there are about 150000 different kinds of casters used in various industries. Patrick fung factory production of caster are exported to all over the world, the main products of the factory - — Castor is possession of mobile garbage bins for the global market share of more than 60%, all of the big three European environmental protection products manufacturers in the purchase of his products. In the case of exports, China a lot of castor enterprise collapse because of main products export is blocked, so the order have to has a monopoly position in the industry factory, lead to a surge in factory orders. Obviously, compared with other export enterprise, his anxiety should be called happiness. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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