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Castor manufacturers complain of TPR castor dynamic - about the future

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-20
As the green, environmental protection, energy saving these slogans by continual heat transfer, our living environment has been around green, environmental protection, energy saving; For example our vegetables are the green pollution-free vegetables, and green production, green consumption, green culture education etc. These ideas also gradually admired by everybody, this also conforms to the country to promote the sustainable development goals. Kaixin castor as castor manufacturers, in the aspect of green, environmental protection, energy saving has built up a set of ideas, all the caster wheel material must conform to the requirements for recycling, environmental protection, etc. In TPR castor material used, for example, because the hospital need relatively quiet environment, if you use a hard material castor, when rolling back a lot of sound, but if the TPR material castor, can reduce the rolling noise, create a more comfortable environment. So in addition to control product quality thought, will also recommend truckle products conform to the actual application for the customer. A, TPR castor can support multiple: because TPR castor material is soft, hardness is not very high, so the TPR trundle bearing weight is not very high in general; Because the TPR material itself is soft and rigid is not high, and the skeleton is made of bonding way of forming, so the load movement will produce a great quantity of heat, accelerate the deformation of the material, resulting in castor frame and the rubber appear fall off or broken, kaixin castor manufacturer production TPR trundle bearing up to 304 kg. Can meet the vast number of TPR castor and carry heavier client. TPR casters suitable for what kind of frame: TPR castor skeleton for PP, PP, nylon, etc. , commonly carry lower casters are commonly use PP skeleton, do some low-end material selection and even back to the material PP do skeleton, this kind of frame is more brittle, part at the same time there is mixed with other materials or degradation, so it is more bonding performance requirements on the TPR. If it is reinforced PP inside commonly adopt the way of joining fiberglass enhancement so the bonding properties of the material also have higher requirements. The original ordinary PP type generally choose homopolymerization. Three, TPR castor don't wear resistant: ordinary TPR material, because itself has slide relative to other material wear-resisting performance will be more worse, but the castor with TPR material along with the improvement of bearing, kaixin castor manufacturers of TPR castor material will join the appropriate slip agent to improve the surface smooth, reduce the material surface to reduce friction coefficient of friction heat production increase friction loss. Note: this is also according to customer's specific needs and to adjust the use environment. Four, the advantage is: TPR TPR castor instead of PVC is a inevitable trend, because of the PVC is not environmental protection, more and more countries, especially in Europe and the United States banned use PVC castor, so export castor processing plants have to face the reality, of course you may also choose to TPU, but TPU castor inherent defects will let more manufacturers prefer to TPR. With the mature of TPR technology, everybody there will be more in-depth understanding of TPR, so use is becoming more and more widely. Castor manufacturers in addition to producing conform to the society, the customer satisfaction of consumer groups such as castor, conformed to the sustainable development strategy, must also be considered when both of which can meet the situation, production technology and castor market demand will be quality in itself. TPR castor with more and more mature technology, is bound to get more user community's favor.
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