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Castor manufacturers introduction to industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Castor manufacturers first refers to the introduction to industrial casters industrial casters used in machinery, equipment or works a castor, it whether to choose chao deng pu, increases the weak nylon (at a lower level PA6) , a single wheel, rubber products under the overall need to have a weak degree and impact resistant ability, often for heavy and super-heavy castor. Industrial casters metal stents build it take good galvanized steel or chrome plated anti-corrosion steel plate, external resettlement by one injection molding means the close ball bearing. No to 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm steel plate for the bracket. Stents galvanized contour disposal punishment strengths 1. Durable antirust function: disorders using three years will not rust; 2. Whether by sex is beautiful: galvanized layer is between steel metallurgy connecting, become a part of steel profile, thus the durability of the coating is no rely on; 3. Coating the resilience of the weak: galvanized layer of a particularly metallurgy layout, this type of layout can suffer are activities and use by machine damage; 4. Comprehensive sex and thus: plating pieces of each part are can zinc plating, even if is cavity, sharp corners and hiding places for each can be a full day were thus; 5. Have no effect on the welding: hardware profile galvanized after the disposal of punishment is no welding ( Such as: device after welding) Industrial casters and request you to credentials user according to the features of the bearing capacity of intrusive to plan with industrial casters. No matching two bearing ball bearing and roller bearing. Whether to chosen by the user does not have the same use case material response and the width of the load of wheels. Impossible to say in general industrial casters are workshop, workshop, Huan Hui and outside the industry situation of various types, such as restaurant use. Use press punch from castor bracket, a stamping forming, practical from 200 to 2500 kg load to distance hauling stuff.
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