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Castor manufacturers of castor with what kind of bearing and environmental conditions

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Castor manufacturers of castor with what kind of bearings and plain bearing condition of the environment - Castor of sliding bearing is the simplest form of bearing or friction. They can shock, almost no maintenance, and on the basis of the characteristics of materials, corrosion resistant. Roller bearing - In addition to its wear-resisting and deep groove ball bearing, the strong seismic bearing is mainly used to transport equipment casters. Compared with other bearing, roller bearing for its extremely low installation height, the relatively low rolling resistance and is famous for its great weight. Equipped with roller bearing wheel speed of not more than 4 km/h, close to people walking speed. A tapered bearing - Cone bearing is one of the most important part of the roller bearing. Compared with the ordinary bearing, their special advantage to expand the use of field, can provide the moving characteristic of improvement. Ball bearing - - - - - - - The unique design, and conform to the German industrial standards ( DIN) Single rotate precision ball bearing is a bearing of the highest quality models. With the ball bearing wheel even carrying the maximum load, remained very low rolling resistance. Castor environmental conditions of use: general production of caster and its using environment is set up under the state of the indoor environment, so try to avoid used under special circumstances, such as: high temperature, low temperature, temperature, acidity, alkalinity and salinity, chemical solvent, oil, or water and liquid direct contact with castor, that will reduce the castor efficacy. Shall not use, want to all sorts of different situations, respectively equipped with other reliable measures, such as the material of metal ware, the materials of the castor oil material and so on comprehensive balance, and want to consider some of the material can cause fouling on the ground. On speed: the requirement of caster wheel speed is: under normal temperature environment, is not higher than walking pace, in a flat on the ground, have the general use of stop working state. ( Please avoid cause castor hair cushions of continuous ( Constant) To use) About flexibility: castor should be flexible, light and durable, its rotating parts ( Turn the stent, the scroll wheel) Should choose small friction coefficient of material or assemble the parts after special craft processing, Such as ball bearing or quenching process) The greater the eccentricity of stents to more flexible, but the relative carrying capacity decreases. The more the greater the diameter of the wheel driving force and effort, and can better protect the ground. Wheel big than small turn slowly, is not easy to hot deformation, durable. Under the condition of installation height allowed, as far as possible choose large diameter wheels
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