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Castor manufacturers will teach you how to choose the trundle bearing

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
About how to choose the high quality casters, I believe you already know how to choose the right, then a good caster without high quality bearings. We all know that the use of the castor is dependent on the bearing, the high quality foot wheel bearing should apply to their respective applications, but also have enough safety margin, so how can we choose the high quality foot wheel bearing? Castor manufacturers teach you choose trundle bearing method: 1, cone bearing Cone bearing is one of the most important part of the roller bearing. Compared with the ordinary bearing, their special advantage lies in expanding the use of castor field, will also be able to provide the moving characteristic of improvement. 2, roller bearing In addition to its wear-resisting and deep groove ball bearing, the strong seismic bearing is mainly used to transport equipment casters. Compared with other bearing, roller bearing for its low installation height, the relatively low rolling resistance and is famous for its great weight. Equipped with roller bearing wheel speed of not more than 4 km/h, close to people walking speed. 3, the precision ball bearing - - - - - - The unique design, and conform to the German industrial standards ( DIN) Single rotate precision ball bearing is a bearing of the highest quality models. With the ball bearing wheel even carrying the maximum load, remained very low rolling resistance. - 4, the ordinary bearing Wheel bearing is the most simple form of sliding bearing or friction. They can earthquake, little maintenance, and on the basis of the characteristics of materials, corrosion resistant. If the device only in the case of short distance, low speed movement. Above all, want to know what castor except wheel, wheel diameter and rotating bearing, castor bearing determines the mobility of the casters, even the quality of the caster. Accordingly, choose high quality foot wheel bearing can improve the quality of the caster and visible caster wheel bearing for the importance of castor, castor manufacturers, select high-quality casters will choose high quality foot wheel bearing.
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