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Castor medical devices to the main material and the selection criteria

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Main material and the selection criteria for medical device castor castor's main material basically has: (pu, cast iron, cast steel, nitrile rubber tire 丁腈橡胶) , nitrile rubber, natural rubber, neoprene iron iron, silicon fluorine rubber tire, silicone rubber, butyl rubber tire ( SILICOME) , epdm iron ( EPDM) (, fluorine rubber tire VITON) , hydrogenated nitrile ( HNBR) , polyurethane rubber wheel, rubber plastic, PU rubber wheel, ptfe rubber wheel ( PTFE mechanical parts) , nylon gear, polyformaldehyde rubber wheel, PEEK rubber wheel, gear PA66, POM rubber wheel, engineering plastics ( Such as high strength performance of PPS, PEEK tubes, etc. ) 。 Medical truckle is mainly used in hospital surgery, such as a bed, bed for these casters high requirements, the product must be certified to sell, because the hospital is more, there is an emergency request can high purpose is also to ensure efficient use of medical equipment special castor selection criteria: dynamic load: we strongly recommend that you truckle single wheel load design standard is based on the sum of mobile devices and equipment load a third; 2, caster wheel and tire materials configuration: single wheel manipulation of the flexible structure, starting force and rotational force is small, but if need to obtain a high load capacity, high stability performance to choose the design. In general the wheels of the caster wheel diameter is larger than the little more rolling and control. Good hard ground USES soft tread, and soft floor or carpet with round it is recommended to use hard material tread. Castor stent rotational structure influenced by the different use of equipment, in general, ball bearing rotational structure to use more flexible, mute, suitable for low load requirements, often using mobile devices. And double bead way to suppress the rotational structure load is relatively large, the use of good stability, is suitable for the less mobile medical equipment. Casters used in environment is also needs to consider the factors, most of the castor USES steel bracket, chromium plating surface of galvanized or antirust processing, corrosion environment using all plastic or plastic bag to cover type caster is a better choice.
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