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Castor omni-directional wheel including the wheel and the driven wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Castor omni-directional wheel including the wheel and the driven wheel, the wheels at the outer periphery of the uniform to open more than 3 or 3 wheel tooth, from every installed between two wheel gear wheel, the radial direction of the driven wheel and the wheel hub outside the circumference of the tangent to the vertical. Omni-directional wheel ( 全向轮) In many different direction, small disc wheel will have to launch, but will also greatly convenient lateral sliding. This is a complete method of the drive. All wheel can be used like a normal wheel or roller roller lateral rolling. Provides a great gripping the rubber roller. It is suitable for in the use of robots, trolleys, transfer conveyor, freight cars, baggage. Omni-directional wheel will provide the perfect performance, when integrated with the traditional wheel. For example, you can use two kinds of traditional wheel axle center and four comprehensive front axle and rear axle wheels, to build a bridge. Omni-directional wheel move and rotate, it is easy to the direction of the control and tracking, and as soon as possible. Omni-directional wheel without lubrication or on-site maintenance and installation option is very simple and stable. Omni-directional wheel can usually can be roughly divided into two types: one is the full range of single disc wheel, one is a double row of omni-directional wheel. Single plate of single plate, the passive roller omni-directional wheel and the double plate omni-directional wheel passive roll has two plates is mutual respect, rotate slightly. Compared with the single plate omni-directional wheel, no dead zone between the omni-directional wheel roller of double plate edge. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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