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Castor parts purchasing is to grasp what?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
- - - - - - Castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers in general in the process of our accessories procurement casters, must first understand what our own needs. Did this must use to this requirement, or customers have special requirements, these are all in the purchase castor to know whether choose castor spare parts; Such as castor according to bearing is divided into light, medium and heavy several levels, according to use environment and antistatic, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, shock absorption, mute, don't wear ground, corrosion resistance, etc. In conclusion needed to clear their own characteristics of castor to have to have to ask manufacturer. Truckle procurement for high requirements, this is especially the key, by defining their own needs, you can efficiently and accurately determine the direction and purchase choice. In general castor accessories have a lot of kinds, is our common brake, when choosing such castor accessories is a good choice, through the use of the requirements we can know whether you need when buying this kind of accessories; While less common parts is very much, must be equipped with some accessories are process demand, some are beautiful for other reasons, such as the following will introduce three kinds of unusual castor accessories, understand the meaning of their existence, could be a good choice when the choose and buy? Universal wheel cover is also called the anti-wind cover: universal wheel is in the process of using common causes damage to the shaft and the gaps between stents were cord clutter, cause the space between the wheel and support wheel, affect the rotation function, shield will play to its function, can effectively prevent the cord and other sundry embedded, in cannot guarantee a clean environment also can rest assured to use! Gasket: generally divided into flat washer and spring washer. Flat washer increase the contact area on the surface of the bolt or nut and parts, to prevent the parts surface is worn. Spring washer can make bolt pre-tightening effect is better, in a shock or alternating load, can have the effect of locking. Seal: centered on a bearing outer ring, just as its name implies is mainly used for sealing, can prevent dust impurities from entering the bearing, ensure that bearing has good lubricity, facilitate flexible rotation. No matter any things we will do more and more skilled, these things are to rely on the accumulation of experience, through the long-term accumulation in purchasing castor will think of in the purchase of these parts is to is for enterprises to use for a long time, the quality is the important premise, the second to consider the price. Around a similar enterprise in castor castor purchase choice is worthy of reference, involving both the big and purchase quantity procurement costs, more can be listed in the network, each big trade platform when search related manufacturing enterprise information, conditional access to more real factory investigation, field order. These common procurement method is through experience accumulate over a long period. A castor whether good or bad, need to accessories buyers understand these knowledge, know the basic knowledge or deeper knowledge, then you can in today's diversified market, choose your desirable a castor or castor accessories; These in addition to your long-term accumulation of experience, and a pair of sharp eyes and analysis of the brain.
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