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Castor plant production quality management approach

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
We often see some on the market regardless of quality or manufacturing technology is very advanced castor, these casters are layers of production control. To want to do a good job in castor quality, first of all factory production technology and equipment are very mature, the second factory production management is an important control, making good quality castor as castor manufacturers should be how to do production management? Below we together to resolve it a secret. One, improve the castor plant production, production organization. The central task is the production of castor plant, improves the management level of the caster and workshop production is the basic direction of workshop management. Therefore, castor plant should be under the leadership of these production command system, establish and perfect a unified, strong production organization. 1 second, completes the caster manufacturing management, site management, 2, 3, 4 production data management, production schedule management semi-finished products management 5, 6, production processing management problem analysis and management 7, 8, product manufacturing cost control management requirements and examination three, castor workshop production process, is not only the product formation process, and all kinds of resources consumption process. Workshop to produce the high quality and low consumption of products, to strengthen technology discipline, strict technical management, improve the consumption, quality management system, the guarantee of castor production tasks at the same time, strive to reduce production cost, improve product quality, dedicated to the caster and workshop production in the process of various elements in the optimal way, the most reasonable and effectively organize, to achieve the highest economic benefit. Four, castor plant to ensure the efficient and high quality to complete the enterprise issued to workshop production tasks, large-scale technical renovation is carried out in a planned way, transforming the old equipment with new technology, new craft, reasonable effectively plan, organize and control the workshop production technology economic activity, make the castor plant products and produced by using the process method, is technically advanced machine equipment, is reasonable in economy. From technical guarantee to improve production efficiency, in order to promote the development of productivity. Five, caster and finished product management: 1, finished goods inventory management, cost accounting object and 2 3 4, inventory management, warehouse management, inventory management, the management of drug, 6, 5 finished goods inventory inventory in July and finished product management requirements and examination six, castor quality management: 1, 2, quality management, quality management organization set up daily work 3, 4, formulation and implementation of the quality management handbook 'requirements and reasonable appraisal norms related to the quality management of castor workshop production management can make everybody's production enthusiasm, and improve the quality of the products and the percent of pass, is that we be the most effective ways of high quality casters. Castor production process is very important at the same time, strengthen the quality control in the marketing chain, castor production enterprises should strengthen the quality management, do not qualified production, qualified factory, not qualified sales; Should intensify inspection type at the same time, especially for caster stents load and wheel load key monitoring; In this way can reduce the occurrence of bad product.
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