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Castor processing operations and quality requirements

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
A castor product how to want to have the market, want to get you the use of recognition, so first you have to meet the needs of people, when you truckle products just can solve the problems faced by it now, even if you don't do advertising people will have to buy from you, so we do castor products should meet the demand of the somebody else's products, and not to make products and make products. So we from the most basic car processing to talk about caster wheel. Castor production lathe all lubricating points before add lubricant, lathe idle 3 - 5 minutes, check whether the lathe is abnormal. Normal lathe, the lathe chuck is measured with a dial indicator, determined to chuck to fulfill the requirements of quality standard, the choice of casting model, castings, WuYouJi, lack of material gap, trachoma, perforated, hamstring, inner hole with the iron, rust belt. When machining castings to close to the root of the chuck, jaw and castings without clearance, pay attention to the jaw clips, casting train holes and without secondary processing, secondary processing parts play pendulum to make casting scrap. Put the casting on the pedal switch, keep pieces on the root of the chuck, loosen the pedal switch, press the button work, lathe turning completely stopped, stepped on the foot switch, to remove the casting, into the next process. If the casting stubbornly often knife. Put a pick-up to should take put down gently, according to regulations, in order to avoid bruising caused to hang the leakage when the PU material, for casting and machined reasons appear bad, put into the specified area, and clean up the day. Caster wheel in machining operations, due to take a closer look at the drawings first, secondly on castor processing. Castor processing machine tools used in equipment is an important way to ensure the quality of castor processing after coming out, so, long-term for maintenance of machine tool equipment is regularly each engaged in castor car processors should be daily work to do.
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