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Castor racks of installation and

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
Castor brace is castor when carrying objects, the most important part of the play an important role. We usually the first consideration in choosing appropriate caster stents is its bearing weight, such as supermarkets, factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other places due to the different environment, ground, weight is different, so use of caster wheel bracket is different. Castor racks of: 1, bottom: high-quality steel manufacturing, can provide two size 64 mm * 92 mm or 102 mm * 114 mm 2, welding steel structure: durability of the steel structure to provide a safe, reliable and trouble-free use effect. 3, foot pedals: start the pedal easily rise and fixed object. 4, brake zhi pad: non-slip rubber mat to brace in a smooth or uneven pavement security firm. This design applies only to the floor level. 5, the bottom hole: four slots easily install 6, spring: excellent durable high elastic spring carry heavy objects 7, reply: reply gently press the lever that brace immediately retract the same energy, easy to operate. 8, appearance treatment: rust light galvanized out makes the beautiful and durable. Castor racks used: 1, kaixin provides a full range of racks, simple installation with bolt connection or welding on the bottom of the mobile device can be fixed mobile device at any time. When using, with their feet on the foot, can increase fixed and mobile devices, built-in spring makes the rubber MATS on the floor, clinging to even firmly, 'your device can protect the wheel from damage under the weight of the long time. 2, if you want to mobile devices, only need to gently on the back bar, the brace can recover the original state. Without the human can make its rise and out of the ground, equipment and can move freely. Brace installation: kaixin brace when the design applies only to level the ground, and should not be used for the sloping ground. It's essential to choose proper type of racks, now the racks installed in your vehicle, you can manipulate it with their feet, convenient and practical. Kaixin offers nine different specifications of the castor racks, basically can apply to the caster wheel size and installation height of commonly used at present.
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