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by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
Castor industry how to rational look at competitors, a sound marketing strategy? The two big problems wanda castor recently launched exploration. According to the expert conclusion, there is a saying that wanda staff are interested in, it will be to rivals to sales. Let's look at the details: we are going to focus on the competition, not only should actively, learn to defense, more from various aspects to prevent competitors, channels from the snipers, from the terminal block, by product line, this strategy according to the specific market, to analyze the specific opponent. In this strategy, there is a premise, if we are stronger than competitors, then with the method of combination of attack and block, to be a positive attack. If, weaker than competitors, we will do not smash, want to do is dislocation marketing, channel mismatch, dislocation, terminal products, found in the dislocation, this is the bigger of the two great disparity in strength. If we are weak, but strength were similar, we take the strategy is to follow the strategy and innovation, we should undertake in the following category innovation, channel, terminal strategy innovation, also good at catch the opponent's weaknesses, the key attack. Copyright by: from these strategies, it is easy to see that the art of war, showing me market like battlefield, is really true, even if the caster industry haven't take part in the competition, the wanda think people will have to plan ahead mentality, ready to meet the opportunity and challenge at any time.
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