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Castor selection method and requirements of medical equipment

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Medical equipment casters and non medical truckle difference is mainly suitable for regular cleaning and disinfectant, more safety, higher reliability, rotational resistance smaller, small rotation resistance, etc. Different segmentation may also have their own special standard, here no longer describe hui yi medical casters. But this does not mean that other types of caster wheel can not be used in medical equipment. In fact, the classification of the castor is not absolute. The boundaries between medical and non-medical is not black or white. Sometimes only complete/no. Authentication is only, the classification will adjust. Designers often balance safety, clinical requirements, practical use and price. Non-medical castor can also be used in medical equipment, as long as they comply with relevant standards and requirements. The choice of medical apparatus and instruments castor also should consider using the environment. Medical equipment generally use environment is not as bad as the industry, because the hospital itself to temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc have certain requirements. But once expected work under special environment such as high temperature and high humidity and low temperatures, it must choose according to casting machine manufacturer's propaganda book suitable for occasions of castor. Is also very strict medical apparatus and instruments of castor: medical truckle noise is taboo. Noise may create problems for patients, affect other parts of the patients, and even affect the treatment of diseases. There are many types of medical vehicles, such as the stretcher, wheelchair, treatment, medicine and medical records. Medical truckle is one of the most taboo processes, especially in patients with severe and many fractures patients, once the tumor may lead to deterioration of patients, even late treatment. Medical truckle is often used on special occasions and use.
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