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Castor stents which go through heat treatment and steps

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-31
Caster stents is to change its physical properties, heat treatment can better use and meet the requirements. Castor stent after heat treatment without oxidation and decarburization, degassing, degreasing and other characteristics, and the surface quality and small deformation, good reliability, high comprehensive performance. Caster stents, now in general use got a lot of manufacturers of heat treatment process also change the caster the stent performance important segment. A, castor bracket before heat treatment: 1, visual inspection: appearance colorful crack, bruised, rust. 2, query the workpiece material, the method of grinding sparks inspection 3, with the condition of deformation to check initial deformation condition. Second, castor supports heat treatment after testing: 1, should according to the drawing requirements and skills rules for hardness inspection or sampling. In a standard piece of proofreading hardness tester, confessed to rear can test hardness. Quenching with rockwell hardness tester inspection. 2, check the hardness, cleaning the surface of parts should be clean, remove scale, and burr and surface decarburization layer should not have obvious machining marks, the temperature of the tested parts will be subject to room temperature, or slightly higher than the room temperature but is limited to staff to firmly grasp. 3, hardness inspection area should be according to the technical documents or determine by inspection, skill personnel. Quenching parts inspection hardness of not less than 1, each place not less than 3 points, the inhomogeneous degree of hardness value should be HRC5 degrees or less. 4, sheet parts with feeler check inspection platform on its roughness. 5, and shaft parts with top or v-shaped blocks support at both ends, with a dial indicator to measure the radial runout, can be on the platform of slender shaft parts with feeler check. 6, ring parts, with a dial indicator, vernier calipers, gauge, diameter dial indicator, thread plug gauge, such as ring gauge parts of cylindrical, inner hole, thread and other standards. 7, non-standard thread to be tested, especially the parts with special inspection tools. 8, query its surface crack with the naked eye, burns, bruised, pitting, corrosion, etc. Parts of important parts or prone to crack, using the leaching heat the sandblast, casters, such as heat treatment type: 1, ordinary castor support including annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering heat treatment. 2, castor stent surface treatment including induction heating surface quenching, flame heating surface hardening, electric contact heating surface hardening, carburizing, nitriding, carbon permeability. 3, other castor stent surface treatment including controlled atmosphere shows heat treatment, vacuum castor castor heat treatment deformation caster stents and heat treatment.
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