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Castor thermal deformation and the cold deformation difference

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters thermal deformation is refers to the metal material to plastic deformation in above the recrystallization temperature. Metal in the process of hot deformation, due to the higher temperature, the activity ability of the atom, deformation caused by hardening immediately by recrystallization to eliminate, thus has the following characteristics: hot deformation metal materials internal shrinkage, porosity or void by compaction, bulky ( Dendritic) Organizational structure by recrystallization grain size, so that dense tiny metal internal organization structure, mechanical properties ( Especially the toughness) Improve and enhance obviously. Metal during hot deformation has always maintained good plasticity, can make the artifacts for a large amount of plastic deformation. And because of the yield strength of metals under high temperature is low, so the deformation resistance is low, easy to deformation. Castor cold deformation is refers to the metal in the plastic deformation temperature below the recrystallization temperature of the metal. After cold deformation is characterized by the metal deformation has the work hardening phenomenon, namely, increased strength and hardness of metal, plastic toughness drops. And made from cold deformation of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality of the product. For those who can't or difficult to use heat treatment method to increase strength and hardness of metal components, especially the slender thin-walled parts, metal work hardening in the forming process is used to improve the strength and hardness of the components, are effective and economic. Such as all kinds of cold stamping, cold rolling cold extrusion profile, cold coil spring, cold drawn wire, cold heading bolt, etc. , visible cold deformation processing has been widely applied in all walks of life. By cold deformation processing of products, including some complex or demanding parts, need to eliminate internal stress but also retain the work hardening tempering treatment at low temperature. Due to work hardening phenomenon in the process of cold deformation of metal material of plastic, bring difficulties to further plastic deformation, so the cold deformation need heavy and large power equipment; Request processing billet surface clean, no scale, level, etc. In addition, the strain hardening for metal deformation resistance increases, the corrosion resistance is reduced.
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