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Castor used steel ball production process

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Castor steel ball production process used in wire drawing, Wire drawing) : use wire drawing machine drawing to need wire diameter; Cold heading ( Forging) : will pull a good wire into castor steel ball cold heading machine, by the steel mould heading into the ball inside the machine embryo; Ball: two pieces of cast iron grinding balls of light ball machine circular plate will be cold heading the ball guy pressurized rasp, remove the ball on the embryo outside the band and the polar point; Soft ball: soft ball machine inside the circular plate will be two pieces of cast iron grinding ball ball ball guy rasp ball grinding soaks into the required size and surface roughness; Heat treatment: will the ball to be after carburizing and quenching heat treatment furnace, [ Step fly castor] Fire to temper the ball has certain carburized layer and hardness, toughness and crush load; Hard grinding: grinding machine grinding wheel disk will pressure grinding ball embryos and heat treatment to remove black oxide layer on the surface of the ball and the precision of the modified ball; Lapping: grinding ball embryo fine grinding in lapping machine, the ball of the finished product to the precision and smoothness; ( Step fly castor] Polishing cleaning, polishing the ball into the barrel internal rotation and polishing cleaning agent and water cleaning sphere clean palace; Visual inspection appearance choose don't: use artificial castor steel ball surface without any defects, and micrometer measuring roundness, changes of diameter and surface roughness tester is used to inspect the surface roughness as a final inspection; Packing: castor ball/stainless caster wheel steel ball bearing castor steel ball into the carton or bag after coated with anti-rust oil after packaging. Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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