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Castor USES stainless steel and the difference

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Castor USES stainless steel and the difference between 1. Stainless steel fixed wheel: only a way to push, advantage is suitable for various road conditions, disadvantage is that it can only move in one direction, steering, generally used for cloth factory or tanneries. 2. Stainless steel wheels: it can be rotation. On a flat road easier and more convenient also. When through the narrow airport or station, it can be lateral push. Defect is not localization, special scenarios such as slope are not fixed. 3. Stainless steel wheel plane: because this type of wheel is very like the wheels of the plane, so called aircraft wheel. There is a universal wheel is called mute wheel plane. The wheels of the plane is eight wheels, generally made of rubber, because eight sides, so the stability is very good, pushing up the sound is very small. The disadvantage is that contact area is large, large friction. 4. Stainless steel brake wheel: as the name suggests, with brake function. On the basis of the gm pulley improved brake wheel, especially in the downhill, the brake has played a role. 5. The stainless steel suspension wheel: the shock absorption, also known as spring, is very popular in the past two years. It works in a bump on the ground, to avoid the damage of the wheel and the vibration of the opponent. 6. Stainless steel wheel removal: remove wheel separable wheel and body, damage the wheel and replacement, reduce packaging space, some remove wheel is the be fond of according to the customer change the color of the wheel. 7. Stainless steel suspension brake wheel, brake wheel brake function on the basis of the brake wheel increases, play a big role in the concave and convex downhill. If the ground is flat, recommend the use of aircraft wheel, universal wheel and brake wheel. If is the uneven road surface, such as towns, recommend the use of one-way, shock or damping brake wheel.
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