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Castor, what's the difference between a pair of brake and brake

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
Caster wheel brake is a caster wheel parts, it is mainly to do with when the castor is in the stillness of the cases, the need for castor fixed position is need to use to the caster wheel brake. Can generally caster with brake can not belt brake, in both cases the caster wheel can be normal use, pay attention to is according to the requirements of the customers for its specific use and to display their different braking. Caster wheel braking under different conditions is different, such as the brake is often said that there is a difference between the double edge with brake. In the case of double brake caster wheel rotation or bead plate rotation will lock, in the case of a double brake can't be moving object and adjust the direction of rotation. While edge brake only lock the rotation of the wheels and don't lock the rotation direction of the bead plate, so in this case, the direction of the caster wheel can be adjusted. Double brake: both can lock the wheels to move, and can dial fixed rotation. Brakes: installed in the wheel shaft sleeve or the wheel surface, with the hand or foot operated device. Operation is on the can, wheel can not turn, but can be turned. Pair of brake and brake can be divided into a lot of kinds, common metal have nylon double brake and brake and so on, but they have a bit is the same, that is fixed the effect of the wheel won't turn prevent continue to slide. So the choice of the caster wheel brake also according to your specific usage, a different environment of caster wheel brake design is not the same, of course, results will be different; We want to know about the case again on their judgement and choice, can more accurately.
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