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Characteristics and application of the suspension wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
With the expansion of the caster and market, the industry also gradually increase to their needs. Wheel is becoming more and more widely applied, reduce vibration wheel is different from ordinary casters, it can carry more heavy objects, and can have the effect of shock absorption good keep objects against losses. Its overall design is very suitable for industrial use, on the basis of guarantee the bearing capacity, stayed on modelling beautiful look. Activity type suspension wheel is what we call the universal suspension wheel, its structure is allowed to rotate 360 degrees; Fixed suspension wheel revolving structure, can't turn. Usually two casters are generally use collocation, such as the structure of the trolley is in front of two fixed wheel, behind near the armrest is driven by two wheels. We need to understand universal and directional and understand the meaning of them, reasonable use it to make it to better use. Wheel damping characteristics: 1, good sealing, dustproof and anti-wind performance 2, large diameter bead plate orbit, greatly improve mechanical performance. 3, the outstanding silent bearing, has the excellent turning performance. 4, shockproof castor is put on the equipment use, motive force is small. 5, shockproof truckle under the effect of high-speed traction, the work is stable. 6, excellent impact resistance aseismic springs, avoid the wheels on the concave and convex surface damaged by vibration. 7, the single wheel of shockproof casters used seal anti-wind cover, extremely good dustproof and anti-wind to suitable for different options and requirements. Suspension wheel application is very extensive, it is suitable for various occasions and carrying objects; At present relatively speaking is the most widely applied in the field of automobile, but it has spread to guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, tianjin, jiangsu, zhejiang and so on all over the country, suspension wheel market will also be growing, application fields has also been increased.
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