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Choose a different castor price will bring what harm

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
People all know a to the good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good. But now there are still many people are buying cheap truckle products, thereby page prompted the manufacturers to lower the price of castor to cut corners, to achieve the goal of earning interest. It is not uncommon, for to some of the fledgling castor plant price became their only competitive advantage, no fame nor the brand that has become their win benefit, find a shortcut to the customer. Not only buy expensive things, cheap who don't want to buy? But we should have a degree, it can't cheap cheap to not the bottom line, not cheap to the lowest price is still lower than the market, so this time you will pay attention to. Castor for us, if can buy low price products our profits will be relatively high. It's better to buy this kind of product we will pay attention to some problems, it may be possible to give us a certain loss, so according to the actual situation to see whether we will buy this kind of product. There's a customer is a large food factory, for example, when moving the goods every time more and heavier, so they think of the caster roll out to move, it is a good idea, but what kind of castor installed in the cart but didn't grasp well. They consulted castor when they place in the two applications, pig iron wheel, when a load is high and be able to live high temperature resistance; The other one is high temperature resistant wheel, load can also be high load and high temperature resistant; But the price is cheaper than high temperature resistant cast iron round caster and a few dollars, so the cost of food factory in considering the factors of choosing the castor price lower iron wheel. Just started using didn't appear what problem, use rise to much convenient than before, but after a period of time using found serious damage to the ground, cast iron wheel will not be able to continue to use the completely; So later replaced by high temperature resistant wheel. , through the above food manufacturer in pig iron with high temperature resistant round this case we will find a problem, although our initial purchase castor is slightly cheaper price, but it is not the policy cause behind have to buy to also increase the cost. So we should according to the actual situation to choose when buying castor castor price different products, don't stare at this interest. This kind of case still has a lot of, some may loss some money, serious point may endanger the safety of life, so we should be careful consideration.
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