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Choose guangdong castor manufacturers need to pay attention to what problem - products

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
Castor is carrying a moving object is very important one link, and we usually contact with casters are from guangdong castor manufacturers products. Because guangdong castor is the country's largest, most concentrated, the most mature technology to production area. Many merchants can choose to come here to find manufacturers supply. And we as a business or consumers, whether castor castor or Beijing, guangdong and hubei castor as long as the quality is good, price is cheap that is most important. So we in the choose and buy castor from many aspects to the comprehensive considering the characteristics of guangdong castor. As a consumer to buy castor products, the first thing we notice is the quality of the caster. And although guangdong castor technology has been very mature, but because a lot of shopkeepers castor is sure to produce qualified products. So if you want good quality must consider the raw material in castor, if raw materials are inferior material, even though it is very difficult, production technology and strong guarantee to produce castor quality is very good. Is already good in quality we can determine the quality of guangdong castor, next we are going to set out from the actual situation. We first need to consider is the guangdong castor capacity, because of different types of caster and its bearing capacity is not the same. Castor can be divided into light, medium, heavy and super-heavy this categories, each category of bearing capacity is a very big difference, so the guangdong castor how can withstand the weight, also indirectly determines the used in the environment. Next we consider is the guangdong castor size problem, we all know that the bigger the castor wheels, so the easier it will be to push up. And the size of the guangdong castor from 1 to 10 inches, so how do we know which size is suitable? Usually often need to promote, such as supermarket shopping cart, logistics trolley, factory with 4 ~ 6 inch caster is preferred. But too much caster wheel diameter can make equipment centre of gravity is rising, thus the cost is too high, so you also have to look to advance your own decision. If the device does not demand often propulsion, such as furniture, refrigerator, etc. , only needs to move during cleaning, choose 3 inches below the castor. When the above three aspects are the complete case then consider stents and brakes. Stents have galvanized, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, spraying of stainless steel, the bracket is divided into universal and orientation. Brake is double, nylon brake, brake, etc. , the selection of the two should be choose according to the practical situation. Guangdong castor variety, is also a lot of the same manufacturer, we want how many castor manufacturers of products produced in guangdong choose their satisfaction, this problem is not production developed new caster. It is not just about their own interests, but also an casters in use process cause unnecessary damage also has a lot to do, so I hope the guangdong castor manufacturers should give priority to with taking its own brand line, rather than lower quality to reduce price compete on price.
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