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Choose the installation method cart caster

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
Choose to install method cart cart caster and is commonly used in our daily life and production of handling tools. According to the number of casters, it into the cart, wheelbarrow, three-wheeled carts and four-wheel cart. Among them, the round plastic flat cart has a wide range of USES, the operation is relatively simple. When install or replace the round plastic flat wagon casters, how should we choose the right car castor? 1. According to the approved car load, plastic car load is less than 300 kg, so the small round of single wheel load of up to 100 kilograms. It is recommended to use 4 inches or larger casters, because the greater the wheel, the easier it will be to promote. 2. According to the use of carts, if in the floor paint workshop, electronic workshop, or hotel quiet place, it is recommended to use TPR or polyurethane casters quiet effect. 3. In the case, to meet the two conditions need to determine whether the castor mounting holes distance is the same as the plastic plate mounting holes on the distance. Due to the traditional medium castor trolley casters on the market to install spacing is 74 mm x 45 mm, the installation of the plastic plate spacing generally is 84 mm * 71 mm. Medium-sized castor if not found suitable mounting holes, can be directly replace heavy-duty casters, because of the installation of heavy duty castor spacing and the plastic plate mounting holes of the same, but the price is the same. Heavy duty castor more expensive than medium casters. Some, but the quality is much better. 4. To install the trolley casters caster, it is recommended to use with two universal wheel of the steering wheel, and the universal wheel installed in the side near the handle. This installation method to better control the direction of the cart.
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