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Choose the method of heavy duty castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Heavy-duty casters belongs to one of the casters, just as its name implies is a special bearing casters, because of the special so heavy-duty casters on the choose and buy is not the same as other casters, let's take a look at heavy duty castor should from what respect to choose? 1, selection of heavy duty castor manufacturers: regular heavy duty castor manufacturers, general can provide the necessary technical drawings and all relevant parameters; Regular heavy duty castor manufacturers should have professional testing equipment, including castor walking test, load test and other professional castor testing equipment, otherwise, cannot judge caster wheel load requirements. 2, material selection of heavy duty castor wheels: heavy duty castor is used for heavy equipment moving, so the heavy duty castor wheels generally adopts hard single wheel tread. Wheel, such as nylon wheel, cast iron forging steel wheel, hard rubber wheel, pu wheel, wheel and phenolic resin is the ideal choice. 3, heavy duty castor wheel diameter selection: according to the diameter of the wheel, the greater the rotation of the more flexible principle of commonly used specifications are 4 inches castor, castor 5 inches and 6 inches castor, 8 inches castor, 10 inches castor, 12 inches castor, track, caster can use 16 inches and 18 inches of the wheel. At present, we produce 12 tonnes of track, castor, is to use the 400 mm diameter, width of 125 mm of the caster.
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