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Cleaning cleaning wheel wholesale car industry

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Wheel as we know are generally car wheels, general like diners, workshop, clean the car the wheels are seldom go to notice, in fact, whether in business or in some public places we see clean cars, the wheel is called a clean wash wheel, ShanHe of industrial casters will focus on these wheel used in industry, including wholesale cleaning and washing to wheel has good elasticity, rolling ground without non-trace, friction, suitable for use with a variety of washing machine, resistant to walk for a long time, not degum wear resistance excellent buffer shock absorption performance, also can better protect your equipment, goods and floor; First at present, the company is a large wholesale to the region, the industrial wheel price, all products through certification, enterprises to the quality problem, if you want to know more, welcome to inquire. Grain cleaning of wheel features: excellent shock resistance, are much worse than cast iron core rubber wheel on the floor a trace, not like a rubber wheel will have sulfur and carbon black precipitate running quiet, no noise interference, good corrosion resistance to hou can be applied to door inside and outside the various harsh and extreme environments using temperature range, to use for a long time 50 - 125 ℃ super synthetic rubber wheel tread and core glue is very strong
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