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Core package should follow the production process - PU round

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
We all know, usually the bigger caster wheel diameter is more easy to drive, also can follow the diameter size and increase the load ability, but also can protect the surface from being damaged, wheel diameter size first consideration should be given the choice of bearing and the weight of the load on the truck starting thrust to decide. And core package PU wheel also follow this link, this is all casters in choosing the wheel size and bearing should follow the rule. Than other caster wheel, PU wheel bearing capacity stronger core package, applicable ability is stronger, and the excellent performance and its production process are inseparable; Although the selection of raw materials is very important, but also cannot ignore the production process, it can be multiplied improve product performance, raw material quality characteristics. Core packages as well as the PU wheel should follow the production process of how? Core package PU wheel production process: 1, vehicle processing; According to the product drawings, in accordance with the requirements for machining processing cast iron inner core; 2, paint; To spray paint processing of cast iron core, avoid cast iron rust, improve product appearance is beautiful; 3, sand processing; Do sandblasting agglutination surface of product, all the rust, oil and impurities on the surface of the gluing cleared; 4, blowing; To get rid of floating on the surface of the cast iron ash, iron ore; 5, brush glue; The bonding surface evenly coated with adhesive; 6, cast iron core heating; Put the cast iron core assembly line heating; 7, mould heating; Put the mold assembly line heating and brush release agent; 8, pouring PU material; According to the product of the rate of casting PU material; 9, and mould; Pouring 20 minutes after the open mold products; 10, scraping edge; The wheel of the burrs is clean; 11, secondary sulfide; Put the oven to heat the PU wheel 3 hours or more; 12, trimming; Repair of cast iron core castor is expected to edge; Core package pu wheels follow the production process of iron core pu castor wheels or directional wheel core pu should follow the above rules, because they are the same production process, the different is the practical application. Castor is for the purpose of carrying is convenient, is used in indoor, such as building need to be engaged in the handling of all machines and all kinds of handling machine, the reinforcement of men's hands. So should be paid attention to when using core package PU wheel: choose the core package PU wheel according to the ways and conditions of its use, appropriately, use correctly installed.
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