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Could you please say sth about the details of 5 inch swivel casters ?
How to filter indoor air circulation? The function of the air circulation system is forced convection ventilation,Promote the cooling (heating) air of the air conditioner to flow in the room,To help achieve the purpose of cooling (heating) evenly throughout the room.The air circulation system is composed of air filter, air duct, fan, air gate and electric fir machine.The following Display Cabinet explains the definition of air filter, air duct, fan and exhaust gate for everyone,The details are as follows: 1 air filter is a fine filter net made of various fiber materials,Indoor air first passes through the air filter,Can filter out the dust in the air,Then burst into the evaporator and burst into heat exchange.The well-functioning air filter (air cleaner) can filter out the smoke of 00ipm,It also has the functions of eliminating bacteria and absorbing harmful gases.High pressure electric field is usually used for sterilization and efficient dust removal;Adsorption of harmful gases is usually used as an adsorpt

For higher customer satisfaction, Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd.will pay additional attention to the evolution of customers service. Check it! The Brand DajinCreated by DajinHas a History of Years Compared with products in the same category, leveling casters's core competencies are mainly reflected in the following aspects. Dajinalways focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.

What is the difference between water purifier and water filter? The water filter is a water filter device. the reverse-Flushing industrial water filter is installed on the water supply pipes in various industries such as power stations, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, paper making, etc. The water filter is mainly suitable for pipelines below Dg 500, thus, it can replace the secondary filter screen and save expenses.The water purifier is also called water purifier and water purifier. it is a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, water purifiers refer to small purifiers used by families.Expansion Data:Shopping GuideThe structure of the household water purifier is roughly coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber and reverse osmosis membrane. The purchase of an ideal and practical water purifier should be considered from the followi
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