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Daily maintenance and using method of the pu castor -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
Daily maintenance and using method of the pu castor - Castor price - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. It is well known pu castor generally driving on rough road, always on casters have different degree of wear and tear; If the fierce collision, the weight overload, high speed will be harmed castor. Users want to use pu castor appropriate operation, to avoid improper use, shorten the service life of the pu castor. In addition to the correct operation, pu castor should also on the daily maintenance and maintenance. A, regular check flexibility. Such as pu castor rotational degree of freedom is not high, should check the castor ball in the presence of corrosion or stolen goods. If there is a fixed type caster wheel assembly, no wear and distortion shall ensure that wheel bracket. Second, the stents reinforce and parts. 1. Check the pu castor wheel axle, the nut is loose. If loose tightening in time, and check the weld or support plate for damage. 2. Check the bracket distortion. Distorted stents will make weight deviation, make the tilting, weight focus on individual wheel to wheel wear degree is differ, caster and shorten service life. Third, add lubricating oil regularly. At least every six months a lubricating oil, under normal circumstances, each month after cleaning for wheel lubrication, prolong the service life of bearing wheel and activities. Put grease on the main friction, can reduce friction, make the pu castor flexible rotation. Fourth, reduce the abrasion of the wheels. 1. Avoid weight overload or crash will lead to damage. 2. Reduce sundry jam or winding. The wheel rotation, check whether there is sundry winding in a timely manner. 3. Check the castor fixed. Too loose or too tight will cause pu castor lesion caused by unstable operation.
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