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Damping castor realizes the industrial running smoothly and safety production

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Damping castor generally belongs to the automotive industry is widely used, its requirements to the rotation of the wheels have good performance and mechanical performance, prevent damage because of vibration, and in the work, pay attention to every detail, make good products have good effect and everyone wants to see the results. From the point of view of physics, according to the change of momentum is equal to the amount of object, spring can extend the period of force, namely the object by the force of smaller under the same momentum change, namely to achieve the effect of shock absorption. Generally this case, the collision force and Angle in the industry, the damping castor is basically won't have a problem, it's a lot of places is different, type load followed different. For the use of shock absorption castor, we noticed that its bearing, also want to notice it another aspect of the performance, is the vibration of it for some textile and garment type, in the use of castor, tend to also have no such requirement, but if it is electrical and electronic industry, such as at the time of use, often also has to meet the requirement. Because if there is no shock absorption, often through handling, and finally got a lot of damage, make the whole product in castor damping, the first thing to note is it design at the top of the wheel, and now the wheels also often have many kinds of types. This paper label: pu castor damping castor casters a buffer: pu castor - Industrial casters under the pillars of an article: the application of mute casters
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