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Detailed explanation castor wheels size

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-07
We will first when buying clothes according to their height and weight to choose suitable clothes and trousers, different size of the effect of the same kind of clothes pants to wear it out is not the same, some are very easy, some will be very tight, and some may be just right. Then we will choose which one of these three conditions? Besides according to oneself be fond of different options, normally we will choose just fit the dress. In addition we are buying clothes will choose according to different size clothes pants, castor is chosen in the hardware industry also is the truth, we can also according to the castor wheels sizes to choose the appropriate products. Castor wheels size currently on the market there are many, generally there are two kinds of the wheel size length unit, one is the mm is an inch, and we often said the concept of 4 inch wheels is inches, so it is very important to understand the meaning of the said unit, because we saw a castor first will know it size problem, which is its size. When we have this also to some extent determine some questions, and this is the basic problem. Generally have 1 - castor 10 inch wheels of different sizes, we will according to our actual situation and specific requirements to choose the castor wheels of different sizes, so as to ensure normal operation in the process of installation and use, we won't because of the size specifications let us during the installation process is not installed collocation and the same is the first thing to consider when choosing castor we noticed the problem. If you want to avoid wrong castor wheels size then we can according to the caster wheel size table to choose the right, the first thing to determine what needs to be used in place then have to determine the material, and then have to determine a fixed or universal, wide wheel, wheel diameter problem, finally according to the caster wheel size table above find the parameters of the relative data, this way you will be able to choose the suitable castor.
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