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Different castor figure 3 d model, the expression of different

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-16
In product design is usually we will use 3 d software to draw out this product, we usually called 3 d model, through this whether we are in the case of don't know the product shape or know the circumstances, can clearly see what it wants to convey, but also for behind a series of work have very good cohesion; In the castor industry while also carries on the product design, but it is not relative to other industries so serious, but what it means is the same; Castor 3 d model is the whole wheels, bracket, bearing, base plate, bead plate parts assembled finally the effect of display, such as kaixin castor for the convenience of people visit, summarize the caster 3 d model diagram was convenient to reading. Castor figure 3 d model: this is different from castor cad drawings, three-dimensional effect of this model diagram is to show the castor, and we met in practice there is no difference between, can say to more image is bright, castor 3 d model is a microcosm of real castor. Castor cad figure only show to see a face in the past, just flat display, far from three-dimensional stereoscopic, intuitive. Generally not strong stereo feeling friends castor cad figure can feel very difficult, but castor 3 d model diagram is don't have this kind of feeling. With the development and progress of the society, not only in the industrial production, we use the 3 d model in our actual life quietly relation with these things happening, such as 3 d movies in the cinema, 3 d games, now forms of online advertising in order to attract users, improve the effect of display are used the 3 d effect, so 3 d is more and more into our life. Castor 3 d model as one of many 3 d, but also to our influence is huge inseparable, not only can help us more clearly see the product, also can improve the efficiency of production.
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