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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Heavy duty nylon wheel caster wheel bearing the weight of a lot more than normal times or even dozens of times, so we heavy nylon wheel when the choose and buy is very important, perhaps just because a small mistake you choose the wrong nylon wheel can cause unnecessary loss. Heavy duty nylon round the color of the finished product is light yellow or milk white, as a result of nylon is high polymer material, so has high mechanical strength, can achieve the strength of the metal materials. There is a very simple identification method, is to use the hammer, testing its hardness, if you buy foot wheel hard enough, so is the nylon casters, on the contrary, if very soft, it is plastic castor. Heavy nylon wheel is characterized by good heat resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection material recycling. And impact resistance, and flawless, don't dye, corrosion resistance, but not resistant to strong oxidizer, halogen compounds of hydrogen corrosion. Heavy duty nylon sprocket wheel is generally used for logistics revolving cars, mobile storage shelves, heavy industry, logistics warehousing industry, heavy machinery industry, hardware plastic products industry, sanitation, industry, food industry and other processing, manufacturing, transportation industry. Said in addition to the front to the application range of the heavy duty nylon wheel, nylon wheel can also be used for general mobile chassis, freezers, light industry equipment, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, shelves, laundry, storage, food conveyor equipment, medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Heavy duty nylon wheel bracket features: heavy duty nylon wheel stent use galvanized surface treatment, a lasting antirust performance, after years of use will not rust corrosion. Perfect combination and the galvanized layer of steel stents, guarantee the persistence of the galvanized layer, can long endure damage during exercise and use.
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