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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-12
( A) , what is a stainless steel casters: stainless steel caster is floor, bracket parts adopt stainless steel material, such as to prevent the floor under special circumstances, bracket and other components are rust or corrosion rain drop, at the same time because the stainless steel exterior smooth xuan bright beautiful, will also have the beautiful decoration effect to a certain extent. ( 2) , stainless steel castor production process: commonly used stainless steel caster mould gravity casting, when have special requirements, also can use low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc. The adaptability of sand mold casting is very wide, small, big, simple and complex parts, single, large quantities of all can use. ( 3) , stainless steel, the collocation of castor wheels, the wheels equipped with no special requirements, as long as the bracket, the floor is made of stainless steel, the wheels can undertake collocation according to the requirements of the specific use, common wheels are: high temperature resistant, conductive wheel, pu, nylon wheel, cast iron wheel, TPR, PP ( 4) In pieces, stainless steel caster stents features: luminal surface polishing can keep the light for a long time. Applicable to food processing and food and beverage industry such as load larger mobile devices; Pieces of stainless steel caster stents features: adopts 304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel double bead plate structure, strong corrosion resistance; ( 5) Pieces, stainless steel castor note: choose the stainless steel caster wheel according to the ways and conditions of its use, appropriately, use correctly installed. Pieces with locknut or check washer to install castor, confirm that expansion rubber lining installation location tighten in place. In pieces if it is match the universal wheel casters inserted rod, to ensure that equipment installation hole is not bent, and inserted rod connected. Mixer check stainless steel caster equipment structure distortion caused by overload or violent impact, due to the heavy weight is not evenly Shared by one or two universal wheel casters will lead to universal, wheel caster wheel deformation, wheel can turn. Stainless steel caster wheel driving the greater flexibility, the better, on the ground at a steady, hard, narrow wheel than flat soft wheel. But on the uneven ground, soft wheels. But on the uneven ground, soft wheels can better protect equipment and avoid vibration. Stainless steel caster is for the purpose of carrying is convenient, is used in indoor, such as building need to be engaged in the handling of all machines and all kinds of handling machine, the reinforcement of men's hands.
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