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Does dual wheel swivel caster have warranty period?
Customer oriented has been the focus during the development of Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd.brand. Get quote! Focus on the Production of dual wheel swivel caster for Years heavy trolley wheels produced by Dajinstands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows. With a focus on customers' potential needs, Dajinhas the ability to provide one-stop solutions.

Which great God knows how to clean the fish tank rain filter? 1. remove the filter from the water or disconnect the power supply of the filter when doing any maintenance.2. regular cleaning/replacement of filter cotton and activated carbon is a necessary condition to ensure effective filtration: filter cotton can be removed from the bottom cover for cleaning or replacement,The plastic box where activated carbon is placed can also easily draw out the activated carbon in the plastic charcoal box at the other end of the filter cover. Usually, only one filter cotton can be used after cleaning and then two to three times,The Flushing filter material is best to use the water used in the aquarium or the micro-temperature tap water,To protect the beneficial bacteria group inside the filter.The rotor can be easily removed from the water cavity. Please note that the cleaning of the rotor must not use cleaning agents with resistance or corrosion.1. the filter can only be used according to the rated voltag

Which is the best water purifier brand? The 'mainstream' water purification equipment in the market is roughly divided:'Front filter', built-in stainless steel filter, commonly known as 'front' is generally installed next to the water meter! The accuracy is about 90-100 microns if you filter some large filters in the water, such as some bugs, pipe rust, etc. Effect: generally, it is used in conjunction with the central water purifier, soft water machine, pure water machine, etc., mainly to prevent 'large particles' from blocking the supporting water purifier.It is not recommended to use it alone, with little effect. And the price difference is large, Smith, 3 M foreign brands, generally around thousand yuan, domestic cheap about 100, it is recommended to install a water purifier at home if the price is moderate, because it is a match, about 200-300 is good! Gemei!⒉, 'Faucet simple filter', most of the filter elements are grade 5 filtration, respectively, stainless steel, ceramic filter,
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