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Domestic castor no longer depression: the rise of the castor domestic brands

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
With the demand of the castor industry, domestic castor manufacturers has invested resources. At present domestic in castor industry, both in price and performance reached a certain level. At the same time the domestic castor also has a lot of new cases of the show, although there is no imported as big enterprise brand awareness, but in many other aspects of quality, price has to catch up with foreign brands, as well as in domestic castor plays a great significance. According to incomplete statistics, domestic related domestic castor is also constantly increased, the form of linear growth in 2013, according to the relevant data of the castor market demand will reach RMB 300 billion, its sales have been a high every year, the future of castor also takes on the form of a good market, domestic castor industry will move on to a new glory. Foreign famous casters brand enterprises: round section on the way: branch on the way round is the national leading enterprises, is a us wholly-owned enterprises, belonging to the famous American families on the way round group, its China headquarters is located in guangzhou city, families have three brand respectively and in cis, jia wei, the rush. The three brands in the domestic market to a certain extent, there are data reality three brands with annual sales of 70 million, but only occupies 25% share of domestic and foreign proportion is as high as 75% of the market. F the feet wheel: the round bag belongs to another famous castor castor industry brand enterprise, its headquarters is located in South Korea, the bag round development base in tianjin in the jubilee, and its also occupy a certain share in the domestic castor, but main Korean castor, and American and Japanese castor has a certain difference in appearance. In addition to the above two kinds of imported brands mweka teng DE, Germany, Japan and Germany south star, Germany bick force are well-known brands abroad, it also occupy a certain share in the domestic market. The rise of domestic casters brand: universal casters universal casters in the rising of domestic castor manufacturers in the industry have a certain influence. The company is located in foshan city, guangdong province, in the domestic market for universal caster wheel has great competitive advantage, the current universal casters in the domestic market sales are the leading position in the nation. 2 toward castor: castor is one of the casters enterprise, is located in zhongshan city, guangdong province, there are two two brands: toward power, hot wheels. In 2004 to create the first brand toward power, founded in 2012 the flag second brand hot wheels. Kaixin castor: kaixin castor as castor domestic industry in the new show that rises, its headquarters is located in dongguan city, guangdong province. The main technology, production management personnel are from the United States well-known castor enterprise, has more than ten years of experience in the castor industry research and development production, it has been sticking to simplicity, the mass in the fine product idea to create a high brand, high cost-effective brand of castor. With the rapid rise of domestic castor manufacturers, whole castor market will face a new shuffle. For some companies that will face a huge challenge, but also will face a huge opportunity. If you want to stand out in the competition so in addition to have a good sales channels, product quality is the first when the.
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