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Double castor - today's market environment

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers enterprises gradually evolved into the competition between management science competition. Procurement as an important part of modern enterprise management and one of the core of the value chain of supply, along with economic globalization and the service economy. Increasingly brought to the attention of the enterprises and entrepreneurs, Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. How to use the advanced double castor purchasing idea rapidly improve their reaction speed, to meet the needs of fast changing and increasingly personalized customer, strengthen the comprehensive competitive power, has become the decision makers and employees and important subject of common concern. Therefore, research on castor purchasing management innovation to promote enterprise's core competitiveness has important practical significance. Based on double castor procurement management innovation of internal and external environment and condition analysis, from the three aspects of procurement management innovation ( Idea, mode, process and technical method) And purchasing management guarantee system innovation ( Mechanism innovation, organization structure, personnel, innovation) , detailed discusses the two-wheel castor procurement management system innovation process. We have set up for double castor procurement management innovation of enterprise culture and organizational structure, and in the process of management innovation, implementation of supply chain management, information management and rapid response of manufacturing enterprises such as ideas, make full use of the advantage of ERP management platform, realizes the mining and purchase relative separation and coordination, to achieve the best overall efficiency. Moreover, HengGang purchasing management innovation should be strengthened for the supplier selection and management, set up the supply chain management thinking, and earnestly carry out the total cost leadership strategy, ensure the relative stability of supply chain and improve the impact of the response to market changes; HengGang shall establish and improve purchasing personnel management mechanism, adhere to the people-oriented, improve the purchasing management system of performance evaluation, to give full play to their enthusiasm; At the same time, should actively promote, including incentive mechanism, restraint mechanism and competition mechanism, the mechanism innovation, set up to adapt to the innovative culture contingency system organizational structure: and take effective measures to improve the quality of the procurement staff, to enhance the market competitiveness of HengGang create conditions. This paper detailed the process of double casters group purchasing management innovation study to other enterprises set up purchasing management innovation system has a certain reference significance.
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