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Factory introduction to the characteristics of industrial casters used

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
In the use of some industrial casters in production-oriented enterprises is very popular, large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are the same, they are all through the characteristics of industrial casters mobile in to improve the work efficiency. Different enterprises of different environments they choose castor is different, such as the place of the goods carried by the lighter in the supermarket, adopting light-duty castor could use. In some factory warehouse these places, because of their long-term to carry heavy things so be through actual situation using the medium castor or heavy castor. No matter adopt what kind of castor which are industrial truckle to give their mobile characteristics of strong, energy saving. The use of industrial casters mainly has the following characteristics: 1, liquid: castor easier to open, even in the most crowded corridor; 2, improve the efficiency of production line: castor transport large amount of goods and seamless; 3, payload protection: the good effect of vibration reducing sensitive cargo intact; 4, free maintenance, special craft processing, through the harsh environment and operating conditions; 5, noise reduction, the design of the precision castor quieter, cutting noise pollution and industrial injury; Industrial casters usability is very strong, reduce labor costs and improve the work efficiency, is a warehouse, goods transportation is the most powerful helpers; A wide range of industrial casters, it can be used to choose according to actual condition, or on the advice of the manufacturers to choose the right wheels.
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