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Five ways to quickly check out the universal casters - common problem

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
When we're using castor often encounter all sorts of problems, whether it is a known issue or undiscovered unknown problems, will continue to appear in our use, in order to prevent the occurrence of these problems, we in addition to choose good castor product quality, often check timely maintenance is also well measures to eliminate the problem. In some of the problems we often encounter heavy weight is not evenly Shared by one or two universal casters will lead to universal, wheel caster wheel deformation, wheel can turn. Here are some how to check to eliminate common problems. 1, check the welding point or whether fracture at the welding plate. 2, check if there is a loosening of nuts and bolts. 3, check whether expansion rubber lining installation location tighten in place. 4, check the equipment structure distortion caused by overload or violent impact 5, check with pole of universal casters, ensure that equipment installation hole is not bent, and inserted link closely linked. Although the above five kinds of inspection methods is very simple, maybe we all know that in the work, but this method is very practical, can be a good check out castor appear bad reasons. When universal casters hung up when used in this kind of situation will load on the other three casters only, so it is easy to exceed the limit of castor, and adverse impact on normal operation of universal casters, casual in our choice of castor is should be calculated on three casters, and often check whether universal caster wheel in use process in a suspended state, and make adjustments in a timely manner.
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