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by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
To judge a good caster from its prices, not just to see him more practical degree, especially for the high quality requirements of industrial heavy-duty casters, because it often has greatly improved in the use of the frequency of the above, at the same time carrying high main characteristics and heavy-duty casters, is often on bearing will also increase relatively, so this time, also requires for medium-sized castor with certain quality requirements. Medium-sized castor wheels rolling and rotational resistance analysis. When medium casters move or to manipulate it, power must be through the body to medium casters and overcome certain resistance. Resistance depends on various factors: the size of the load, the wheel diameter, material and the surface of the round shape; Medium-sized castor suspension; Bearing type and size; Of course, there are medium-sized operation field of castor. Therefore, when in selecting the appropriate medium casters, careful coordination of all these factors so as to adapt to each other is very important. In every way, choose the quality of heavy duty castor should value not only, also from practicality and quality reference. Although the current domestic production of heavy duty castor manufacturers a lot, but really can carry heavier, and through strict quality test of heavy test factory is very few, so everyone must choose when the choice regular heavy duty castor manufacturers. Medium-sized caster wheel load is an important reference standard. Medium-sized castor should always be on the ground running steadily. However, it is almost a state of pure theory. On the uneven surface, or in the door, orbit and potholes, medium casters will be briefly from the ground. So, when they are suddenly overloaded or when 4 had only three medium casters in contact with the ground, medium casters must carry the entire load. When when calculating the weight, it must be taken into consideration. As a result, the following formula provides the necessary safety margin: equipment of loading weight divided by 3. Castor, the ratio of different rolling! East castor - Specializing in the production of caster wheel, pu wheel, rubber wheel, nylon wheel, heavy-duty casters, industrial casters, light-duty castor series products, east Switzerland castor hopes by the exquisite technology, high quality products, if you have other questions, please consult customer service/news_181.
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