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Furniture castor daily maintenance of three tips

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Nowadays, more and more furniture cannot leave the caster, but many people still don't know the furniture installation castor. East red furniture furniture castor castor common foot maintenance method. Eliminate overload when users use the product, should understand furniture caster wheel and castor load weight, and select the appropriate load furniture caster wheel. Before use, should be estimated weight of the load, furniture casters and furniture caster wheel bearing weight should be greater than the bearing capacity of The Times. This helps to ensure that you are using in the process of security. Choose different material castor for the use of the use of different places. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties. Castor with different material requirements, so the service life of castor will be different. When using castor, users should understand the position of the castor, avoid unnecessary loss caused by improper use. In particular, furniture casters make we contact more and more casters in our daily life. For the castor maintenance and maintenance is very important, because it is related to our use of security. Furniture castor effective maintenance should be regular maintenance furniture castor castor users running parts. Maintenance is divided into three parts: add lubricating oil and remove the winding part of running parts, and in the antirust of well. 1. Furniture castor support steel parts operation, furniture caster wheel bearing parts should be lubricated periodically. 2. Regular cleaning around furniture caster and wheel bearing bearing parts run support the winding part of steel ball or threaded end. 3. Most of the furniture is made of metal scaffold. Corrosion protection has an important influence on the service life of furniture casters. East red furniture castor Suggestions to prevent the scaffold corrosion, besmear brushs antirust paint and rust-proof oil on a regular basis. / news_124。
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