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Good performance and application field of damping castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
Damping castor now to our production and life brought great convenience, then how much do you know about shock castor material? Let's introduce simple damping materials and functional characteristics of castor: big into castor production of high quality rubber shock absorption castor is made of high quality polyurethane core pu castor, has the good toughening elasticity and abrasion resistance. High-tech polyurethane iron core castor with antifouling, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and high load-bearing characteristics. Damping castor good sealing performance, dustproof and waterproof coil foot wheel using seal against the winding, pearl plate by the sealing ring, extremely good dustproof and waterproof coil, to the choice of suitable for different environments and requirements into castor reducing wheel is made of high quality polyurethane has excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance, by broad consumer's consistent high praise, let's know the excellent properties of suspension wheel: 1, the shock absorption effect: adopt single/double spring, buffer effect is more obvious; 2, rotary parts: larger plate and steel plate, the double ball track, steel plate slab are heat treatment, increasing strength, better increase the caster wheel bearing strength and flexibility; 3, bearing: the durability stronger bearing, install the dust cover, effectively protect the bearings, prolong service life. 4, the thickness of the plate: national standard 8 mm; Base plate and the big cover the S - 45 c hot forging process and heat treatment, strength increase; 5, stents structure: floor adopts double all-welded structure, use more secure; 6, surface treatment: galvanized environmental protection, neutral salt spray test for 24 hours without white embroidery; 7, the wheel material: wheels by strengthening iron solid wheel, the skin is molded advanced wear-resisting polyurethane elastomer; 8, the wheel color: conventional red, beige, blue, gray, etc. It can customize according to customer's requirements. Application field 1, large capacity to suspension of handling apparatus; 2, auto parts handling equipment; 3, other heavy transport need buffer shock absorption handling equipment. Over the years, big into castor has always been based on science and technology, the market as the guidance, by its exquisite technology, the technology and efficient products and perfect after-sales service won the trust of users, thereby obtained the development in the field of product market. Dust suspension castor good sealing, waterproof and prevent winding foot wheel adopts sealing performance, bead plate adopts the sealing ring, extremely good dustproof, waterproof and prevent tangling, to the choice of suitable for different environments and requirements. Easy starting shock absorption feet castor is put on the equipment use, has the characteristics of the low starting power. High load-bearing ultra-quiet seismic reduction set by plane, in the process of high-speed traction can better prevent the foot wheel, greatly reduces the noise, for production workshop provides a quiet environment. This paper label: shock casters industrial truckle heavy-duty casters a: big into castor teach you choose truck heavy duty castor next article: industrial caster wheel brake and matters needing attention
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