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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
Guangdong castor castor and fixed castor including activities. Castor also is what we call the universal wheel, its structure is allowed to rotate 360 degrees; Fixed castor also called directional casters, it has no rotating structure, can't turn. Structure characteristic: the installation height of castor: refers to from the ground to the vertical distance between equipment installation position, the installation of the castor height refers to the remote large vertical distance and castor base plate and the wheel. Stand to center distance: refers to the vertical line to the center of the wheel core center rivet horizontal distance. Turning radius: refers to the center of rivet vertical line to the outside of the tire on the edge of the horizontal distance, proper spacing of the caster wheel can be turned 360 degrees. The turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects the service life of the castor. Truckle is ShanHe in guangdong area of industrial casters co. , LTD. , production of caster and collectively, our company is a specialized manufacturer of various kinds of casters, if has the need to customers can call our company.
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