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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
In guangzhou wholesale manufacturer is looking for stainless steel caster ShanHe industrial casters, the company mainly production, wholesale casters, all kinds of casters models complete, the grain of castor belonging to the domestic brand awareness for the ideal company, the company production of caster and 80% are sold abroad, reliable quality, price, if you want to need welcome to inquire: 13713454177. Grain of stainless steel caster parameters: the stent features: adopts 6 mm # 304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel double bead plate structure, corrosion resistance is strong, washable surface polishing stents can keep the light for a long time. Applicable to food processing and food and beverage industry such as load larger mobile devices. Wheels matching PU wheel, rubber, polyurethane, nylon wheel, electric wooden wheel, cast iron, TPR, anti-static wheel brake actuators: brake, the brake characteristics: hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance, anti puncture, ultra-quiet, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, good elasticity, low resistance and large tension. Product advantage analytic: hydrolysis resistance: refers to the wheels did not use case, time is long, the wheel does not happen automatically break chemical resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance and puncture-proof: not because there's a sharp object to Pierce in the operation of the silent: at the wheel on the ground, not happen noise pollution resistance, good low temperature resistance, good resistance to dirty low temperature environment using broken good elasticity: rich high elasticity and low resistance: the wheels on the road under the condition of uneven, resistance is small, big rotating flexible tension: wheels Gao He, weight, good elasticity
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