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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Heavy duty castor truckle products is a load capacity is larger, the current for all kinds of heavy duty castor castor industry products of bearing capacity does not have a fixed limit, generally bearing five hundred kilograms to 15 tons, even higher load of castor can be called a heavy-duty casters. Heavy-duty casters owing to the high bearing capacity, reasonable use of heavy duty castor can perfectly solve the problem of overweight transportation difficult object, this kind of caster in the textile industry, is widely used in industry, it also can adapt to a variety of overweight vehicle operation of the object, in stable operation at the same time also can improve the efficiency of transportation. It is important to note that the industry has all kinds of different heavy duty castor products, need to be able to consider purchase suitable products according to actual condition, including heavy duty castor dimensions, specifications, etc. First of all, consumers need to be able to take into account the heavy duty caster wheel bearing ability, because of the heavy duty castor range is very wide, specific products bearing ability to transport product weight, equipment weight and other comprehensive consideration. In general products bearing capacity of more than a quarter of the heaviest object, many manufacturers will provide detailed sizes and specifications, etc. , while castor wheel diameter is larger, the easier to promote products, but not the caster wheel diameter is larger, the better. Heavy-duty casters are usually adopted the double ball track, it can expand the bearing surface, match to the vertebral body bearing can effectively improve the load capacity of heavy duty castor. Heavy-duty casters, full iron material, polyurethane material, etc. , but when thinking of heavy duty castor material needs in accordance with the requirements of the road, high requirement and the use of environmental considerations, such as heavy duty castor can match stent, usually using metal materials as the main body, including ordinary steel plate stamping forming, such as thick steel plate bracket are frequently used in warehouses and factories, etc, for the transport of goods is very frequent, to the bearing requirement of castor is higher, generally is carrying heavy goods and considering the walking distance is longer, so at this time should be selected heavy-duty casters and thick steel plate, Between 8 to 12 mm) Such as China petroleum system design of track, caster and bearing capacity of 12 tons, 30 mm thick steel plate, and is taken by the class took 40 mm, effectively guarantee the safety of loading products. Heavy duty castor products compared with other product design is more exquisite, but because of the high bearing capacity of it, so the flexibility is limited, it is also an inevitable shortcomings. The heavy duty castor material choices now available in the market is also more extensive, in general, heavy duty castor wheels will adopt good hard tread single wheel hardness, such as nylon wheel, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, etc. Suitable castor products can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation and transportation safety, if consider to purchase all kinds of casters products recently friends advice to find high quality manufacturer cooperation, and to think about all kinds of castor material need combined with the practical considerations, if bought do not conform to the requirements of the bearing is castor, wasted money, and still has not been properly solve practical problems, is a waste of time and money. Now many manufacturers and customized service, can provide all kinds of caster can make product design more in line with the actual requirements, but compared to finished products, custom types of casters products is time-consuming, so don't usually accept dispatch.
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