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Heavy-duty casters, understand their special temperament

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Heavy-duty casters bearing ability is very significant, can satisfy the vast majority of industrial transportation operation requirements, and other industry demand for heavy duty castor product design, so now about all kinds of heavy duty castor products on the market sentiment is hot, today let's take a look at the heavy duty castor compared with other castor products, what is the special temperament. First of all, the choice of a heavy-duty casters on hardness and corrosion resistance index, because of heavy duty castor look be like common, in fact there are many exquisite, heavy-duty casters, the scope of no strict rules on the market, the general bearing capacity range from five hundred kg to 15 tons of castor can call it is a heavy duty castor, operation requirements, of course, in order to be able to adapt to the special industry, heavy-duty casters can also has a higher bearing capacity configuration, but but you need to be able to work with brand special custom to complete product design. Judging from the current market development, heavy duty castor is popular has the following a few castor, respectively is hard tread single wheel, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, etc, the material of castor can have good bearing capacity, and relatively hardness is good, can be suitable for most of the road, so many buyers when considering the purchase of castor products will give priority to the product configuration, if recent consider purchase castor friends can know more about the related products design, etc. If considering the track, castor products using polyurethane casters are common. Castor products of the same design if different its bearing capacity are also all kinds of caster configuration can be changed, for castor product design, familiar with friends can be found if you want to further improve the bearing range of casters products, available from the stent configuration considerations, most heavy-duty casters will have a rotating plate configuration, this kind of configuration is able to improve the ability of caster wheel bearing, and the tie-in appropriate support structure also can makes heavy duty castor can improve the load-bearing capacity, most of the heavy duty casters are based on the double ball track, if heavy caster, so used to stress the area is larger surface bearing. For heavy duty caster stents have mostly been adopted metal, which can be more solid, and adopted the electroplating processing stent is not easy to deformation, prolong the service life and at the same time also can let the appearance can be more beautiful, the other form a complete set of vertebral body bearing can effectively reduce the collision, keep steady and safety in the process of transportation. Heavy-duty casters, though seemingly normal, but now such as well as the scope of application of castor use frequency is also more and more high, so we are considering the purchase of heavy duty castor or need to be able to more careful meticulous, to consider more details, proposal consumer when considering the industrial use of heavy duty castor to preferred brand products, many well-known casters brand not only can better safeguard the rights and interests of customers, at the same time also can provide better after-sale service. Heavy-duty casters of choose and buy is very important, also the late nursing is very important, we it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of nursing, can recommend purchaser at the time of purchase related products to don't forget to consult for maintenance of nursing key points of such products, which can reduce the wear and tear of daily use, extend the service life of castor products.
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