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Heavy-duty casters, what are the product features

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Heavy duty castor does not have a definite bearing capacity limit, it is refers to the load capacity is larger, castor, generally from the bearing capacity of five hundred kg to 15 tons of castor can call is heavy-duty casters, heavy-duty casters are able to have so big of bearing capacity, there is a direct link with the product design is also, especially for heavy duty caster stents, most stent is adopted on the market metal materials, including ordinary steel plate stamping molding, casting molding, the bearing capacity of the caster and its steel plate thickness, the greater the heavy duty castor average thickness of the above 8 mm, suitable for the thickness of the steel plate to ensure the stability of the product loaded. Heavy-duty casters truckle products compared with the other, its characteristic is not only reflected in better bearing capacity, and other special disposition, such as heavy duty castor will follow to its hardness and corrosion resistance index, because a lot of heavy duty castor at the time of use to the environment of tolerance ability is very strong, some special heavy-duty casters will be more good, hard tread single wheel, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, etc, so is the castor hardness is higher, and the caster wheel bearing capacity will be more outstanding, if recent consider purchase castor friends can know more about the related products design, etc. Heavy-duty casters, though seemingly normal, but it is in the industry, textile industry and so on is also one of the belongs to a high frequency of use, so for all kinds of heavy duty castor quality requirements are relatively high, suggest the consumers when considering the industrial use of heavy duty castor can preferred brand product, so also is in order to be able to better safeguard the rights of consumers. Heavy-duty casters, if used in some chemical corrosive environment, suggest to take reinforced nylon casters, the material for the majority of the chemical solvents or corrosive chemicals not sensitive, of course, to be on the safe side, you can consider to refer to the material of different chemical activity, and also introduces an often make mistake again, that is a lot of friends in choosing a heavy-duty casters there may be a myth, that they think the heavy duty castor must be able to bearing most of the items, so they don't bother to calculate dynamic load, and so on, actually otherwise, even if the heavy duty castor has again big bearing range, considering the castor products use are needed to be able to consider it, the value of dynamic load and static load, is not to say heavy duty castor screening can ignore this step, in general, we in the bearing ability of three castor sum to the biggest limit is poor, but the purchase castor is better to four castor, avoid the overloading in real life situations. For all kinds of heavy duty castor also need to use and to cherish, and reduce the wear and tear of all kinds of transport operation for equipment, keep the castor products can have a normal life, in order to reduce the loss, we need to be able to do regular maintenance work, including applying lubricant, etc. Castor products quality is very important, especially for heavy duty caster screening, hope after this time to introduce you to how to consider heavy-duty casters screening can have a better understanding, I hope everyone can buy cheap and fine products, which can make all kinds of heavy-duty casters.
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