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Heavy duty castor industry screening what details to consider

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Heavy-duty casters, because of its bearing ability is outstanding, so often used in the construction industry, industrial economy, such as the definition of heavy duty castor is not particularly hard, on the market of super-heavy trundle bearing capacity can reach five hundred tons, and about the bearing capacity of heavy castor technological breakthroughs are on, the future of heavy duty castor can up to how many bearing capacity are also remains to be seen, but can be seen from all kinds of heavy duty castor renewal trend, industry demand for such castor is also more robust. Considering all kinds of different heavy caster and purchase requirements need to consider the scope is also different, today let's take a look at what such castor industry screening standards. In order to be able to look forward to better meet market and customer's actual demand, production and manufacturing of all kinds of casters brand for heavy duty castor is also spent a lot of thoughts, all kinds of different flexible product design is also increasingly rich, heavy duty castor is mainly used in the operation of the transport goods, considering all kinds of products according to the daily load bearing capacity is very important, generally three caster wheel bearing weight is greater than or equal to the maximum bearing, namely considering the limit of the castor products is poor, improve the safety factor of castor products using, orphan formal procurement of time we will consider it is advisable to purchase four casters, industrial use castor. Industry, textile industry field, often need to be able to transport heavy objects, considering the actual operation, also not to be able to when selecting a heavy-duty casters will reach bearing point. And in addition to the bearing capacity test, still need to be able to combine different applicable environment to consider different products, such as if it is often in the road is rugged or the construction conditions are harsh environment use all kinds of product, suggest you can give priority to the abrasion resistance and high pressure of heavy duty castor, which can ensure the quality of the product use, and also can reduce the wear of the product, etc. , all iron heavy-duty casters, polyurethane casters, etc used very widely in the industry. Knife don't miss your job, we are considering the purchase of heavy duty castor products to make all kinds of product parameters and design of the homework is also good for buyers, because we can on the basis of the understanding of choosing the right product, in addition to the heavy duty castor overall design, we also can consider the auxiliary parts, etc. , for the caster and actual operation will also has a great influence, such as scaffold material, considering of the speciality of heavy duty castor disposition and the frequency of use, in general, in order to improve the use of safe coefficient of heavy duty casters, heavy-duty casters bracket can use a metal stent, there are thick plate welding. Heavy duty castor wheel carrier choice is also very important, considering the lotus major heavy-duty casters and bad walking distance, suggest to choose with thick steel plate after cutting wheel frame is better, activity ball bearing of wheel carrier can use plane, so can make up the defects of heavy duty castor is not flexible and mobile. Heavy-duty casters can adapt to a variety of overweight vehicle operation of the object, the rational use of heavy duty castor can also improve the efficiency of the transport operation, solve the problem of overweight transportation difficult object, in the near future if considering the purchase of heavy duty castor friends can know more products information, etc. , thus allowing them to better screening of various products.
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